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1.What is the difference from LED UV lamps and ordinary tube-style nail UV lamps ?
1.         Friendly environmental,

 The ordinary tube-style nail UV lamps make use of UV tube which contains “mercury”. And “mercury” is not friendly to the environment, especially harm to human body. Lamp of UV tube also troubles to recycle, when it is broken. However, the LED nail UV lamp makes use of LED which is semiconductor luminescent device. It has no harmful substances to the human body. Moreover, it recycles easily and won’t break into pieces because of its low-volume.

2.         Energy-saving.

 As low-power devices, LED's actual energy consumption is very low. For instance, a 2.5W LED nail UV lamp only costs 0.0025 kilowatt/hour.

3.        Safety,

 Do not burn your hand. When customers use the ordinary tube-style nail UV lamps, their hands are easily to scald as tube have a very high temperature when they give out light. The temperature is at 50°C-70°C in general, some even go beyond 80°C, once someone touch the tube, they will be scald. However, LED produces cold light not hot when it is used. We will not be scalded, even though we touch it.

4.        Long life.

The ordinary tube-style nail UV lamps' life is 3000-5000hours, some tubes' life are even less than 3000 hours. So it bothers to exchange and increase in production costs. However, the normal life of LED is 35000-50000 hours. Its life is more than 50000 hours when it is used discontinuously. It is no bother to exchange tube and save cost.

5.        Portable.

The ordinary tube-style nail UV lamps make use of tube, it is fragile when carried. However, LED is solid and not fragile.

6.        Save time.

When we use LED nail gel, the dry time is about 30 seconds. But for the ordinary tube-style nail UV lamps, its dry time is almost 2-3 minutes.LED nail UV lamp save working hours greatly for customers.




2.How to get beautiful nails

1. Get a basic nail kit that has the necessary tools but is not prohibitively expensive as brand names do not mean great nails! Nail kits are available at every drug store so you can find one that suits you easily.

2. Wash your hands with a herbal based soap and lukewarm water and let it dry. When the nails are soft, they are easy to cut and file. However, be careful as improper filing can weaken the nails. Use a nail file and shape up your nails according to our desire with easy, gentle strokes. File from the side to the middle along the edge of the nail for the best results. Do not apply pressure on the top which will cause then to crack and break.

3. If you apply nail polish, do not put a thick coat and leave it. Beautiful, well manicured nails require 2 to3 coats of nail polish applications to give them that smooth, glossy finish.

4. As with hair and skin, nails also require attention. A well balanced diet and drinking plenty of water keeps the nails shiny and smooth while dehydrated nails look chipped and dry too.

5. Regular nail care is important and occasionally do apply cuticle oil to moisturize and soften your cuticles and nails. This will help the nails to look fresh and smooth, even without nail polish.

6. Never use alcohol based lotions or nail polish removers as they tend to weaken the nails and dehydrate them. The chances of fungi and other microbial infections increase when the nails are cracked and brittle. Always go in for natural, organic nail care products to safe guard tour skin and nails.

7. Unhealthy habits of biting nails also lead to unhygienic nails and spoil the look of the hands. So, if you are prone to it, give it up! If you follow these tips, you will have healthy, beautiful nails and hands in a short time span.


3.Hand Painted

Grooming ideas begin with a simple manicure and pedicure to start off as a hygiene habit. But there are many small inclusions that you can start as a makeover. Going for a party is quite a decision and preparing for the same is yet another task. Nail care also shows about your attitude that can be classy, stylish, funky and also serious.

These days nail designs are not just about French manicure but there are many ideas in stickers and nail pens. This Valentine go in for a complete glam image. Get into an assortment with the dress, sandals and also with the hair color.

For the nail designs all depends on your mood. Go for a single color like red or shocking pink and do the nail paint design in silver or blue. For some shock value jade is the best color. Get the effect zanier with a rainbow tinted stick-on and all the heart shape design goes well with the romantic atmosphere.

Get creative for the weekend design with more designs suggested in the catalogue. Begin with comfortable geometric patterns and then proceed for a real dainty painting. Extensions for nails or artificial nails come to your rescue for days when there are chipping or in case the nail is not of the desired length. Paint the individual extension and then use the adhesive carefully to avoid smudging.

When you are really out of color or feeling blue, get into a peppy tone with small daisies, butterflies or the bold colors in blue or orange. The designs are also easy to paint and the nail pen is easy to use. Draw the snowman or the shades of the clouds. Get simple with the black and white touch. Just overlap the colors in bizarre combinations for the beach party or the sand dance.

Leave the nails simple and just do the edges in a fluorescent liquid shade. This gives a stylish image to go on with a classy dress that is exclusively your forte. Painting toes is quite a job if you do it yourself, so indulge in the luxury of a nail bar close to your home.



4.How to use nail uv lamp


Ultraviolet Radiation Lamp

Operation manual

Thank you for purchasing this machine produced by our company .To ensure smooth operation and safe performance,please read the manuel carefully before use..

Installation and connection 

1. The windows of Ultraviolet Rediation Lamp shall face to the front of the user.

2. Connect the Power line plug into th electric socket.


1.      Press the Power Switch to ON or “|” , the indicator LED of time start switch is lighten.

2.      Press the Delay Switch to 120secs,press the time start switch,all of the Ultraviolet Radiation Lamp are on,all machine in work.

3.      Put the band into the region of lamp,until 120secs,all of the Ultraviolet Radiation lamp are off.At the same time,the process of dryness and sterilization are finished.

4.      Press the Delay Switch to time ∞, Ultraviolet Radiation Lamp are on,the time is infinite.At the same time,press the Power Switch to OFF or “0”,the machine stop working.

5.      When the Delay Switch to time ∞,Ultraviolet Radiation Lamp work in the infinite,then press the Delay Switch to “120secs”,the LED lamp lighten still,but the machine will into delay estate again.The time to 120secs,the Ultraviolet Radiation Lamp off.


1.      Input voltage: 110V-120V,220V-240V 50/60Hz

2.      Rated power: 36/42/45W

3.      Rated current:0.2-0.35A

4.      Delay time:120S120S/∞90S/120S/∞120S/180S/∞120S/180S/240S

5.      Working temperature: -15°C50°C


1.      Please accord the rated voltage with the machine,or else it is easy to make the mchine broken.

2.      Please no try to plug out the power line when the machine in work,unless you close the Power Switch.

3.      Don’t make the water and sundries and so on into the machine,or else the machine will stop running as normal.

4.      Use the wet cloth and litmusles scour to sweep the dirty in the surface of machine.Please pay attention to close the Power Switch.

5.      Please plug the Power line out of electric socket,if you don’t use in a long time.

6.      Any unauthorized disassembling of the product is prohibited.In case of any break down,please contact the agent or authorized repair center.We promise wise,high-quality and satisfactory service.

7.      If the supply cord is damaged,it must be replaced by the manufacture,its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order avoid a hazard.



5.How to use electric nail drill


Glazing machine Operation Manual

Thanks for purchasing the Glazing machine produced by our company .To ensure smooth operation and safe performance ,please read the manual carefully before use:


1.       Installation and wire connection

1.1   Connect the 5-pin plug of portable grinding head/hand piece to the OUTPUT socket at the main panel.

1.2   Connect the pedal switch to the FOOT S/W socket.

1.3   Select grinding mould of different sizes according to actual requirements ,and fasten it into the front of the portable grinding head .

1.4   Switch the speed control to the left.

1.5   Connect with the main source power.


2.       Operation

2.1. Press the function switch on the right to HAND for manual control, the indicator will be on and the grinding head starts to moving slowly The diode LED 1-2 will be on.

2.2. Turn the SPEED CONTROT to the right to accelerate the grinding head. and all the LED indicators for the speed will be on .

2.3. When the function switch is pressed to FOOT ,step on the pedal the speed will be accelerated, and loose the foot ,the speed will decrease(foot switch is optional )

2.4. The turning directions can be swapped; FWD means clockwise direction and REV means counterclockwise direction .

2.5.Adjust the speed of the grinding head within a reasonable range.

2.6 Please adjust the hand piece to the lowest speed before changing forward/backward direction .


3.       Specifications

1.         Main(power supply &control)part

2.         Related voltage range :110~120v,220v~240v 5060Hz

3.         Output rated voltage :10w

4.         Output current :0.8A

5.         Handpiece (motor) part

6.         Working voltage :DC3~12V

7.         Rated current :0.8A

8.         Rated speed :4,000rpm min -25.000rpm max


4.       Instructions

4.1.Don’t change the turning directions too frequently, otherwise ,it will damage the grinding head .

4.2. Turn the SPEED CONTROL counterclockwise to decelerate the grinding head to the minimum before turning off and switch the main power source to 0

4.3 after operation,put the grinding head on the top of the main panel

4.4 while the grinding head is in operation ,never pull out the 5-pin plug of the portable grinding head

4.5.For  long idle time please disconnect the source power

4.6 Any unauthorized disassembling of the product is prohibited. In case of any breakdown ,please contact the agent or authorized repair center ,We promise swift high-quality and satisfactory service.

4.7.If  he supply cord is damaged ,it must be replaced by the manufacturer ,its service agent or similarly question in order avoid a hazard.